Life Insurance Resource Center

Common Questions

  • How much life insurance should I get?

    Everyone's needs are different and your needs will change throughout your life. A rough rule of thum... More

  • How does the life insurance application process work?

    The life insurance application process consists of a formal application, possible paramedical exam a... More

  • My spouse is a full-time parent. Does he/she need life insurance?

    Yes, in most cases your spouse should have life insurance too. Even though they are not generating a... More

  • Life Insurance 101

    Whether this is your first time purchasing life insurance or you just need to know a little more, we can help. Learn how to determine how much life insurance you need, what plan is best for your needs, who should be your beneficiary and more.

  • Life Insurance Calculator

    Everyone’s needs are different. From payment of your final expenses to providing your surviving spouse with income, use our handy life insurance calculator to find out exactly how much life insurance you need.

  • Life Events Insurance Planning

    Major life events such as getting a new job, getting married, having children, buying a home, retirement have a big impact on your insurance needs. Learn about what these life events mean for your insurance needs.

  • Business Uses of Life Insurance

    While individuals purchase life insurance to protect their families, businesses small and large purchase life insurance for numerous needs including key employee loss and business continuation planning.

  • Life Insurance for Estate Planning

    Estate planning is an important part of any financial plan. If you have a high net worth then life insurance could play an important role in the distribution of your assets when you die.