What if I receive a higher rate than I applied for on my life insurance policy?

ReliaQuote and you receive a higher rate on your policy or you are declined, we will automatically shop your life insurance coverage with other life insurance carriers. First, we will identify (on a "no names" basis) other insurance companies that may be more liberal given the reason you received a higher rate or were declined. Then (again, without disclosing your name) we will send each of these insurance companies the information they need to make an estimate of the rate for which you would most likely qualify based on their particular underwriting criteria. Once we have received the alternative rates, you will be contacted by a ReliaQuote Customer Service Representative who will explain your options. You will have the opportunity to stay with the original life insurance carrier you applied with or submit an application to the alternative carrier who may offer a better rate.

One of the benefits of this unique service is that you do not have to complete another medical exam or application for us to shop you with other carriers! We simply use your first application and medical exam results.